Andy Murray song puts former tennis partner Under the Lights

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摘要:As if the cheers of a delighted nation weren't enough

As if the cheers of a delighted nation weren't enough, Wimbledon champion has inspired a song – albeit one by a former tennis partner. Under the Lights (Song for Andy Murray), was written by Keith Meisner, a 26-year-old Elgin-born PE teacher, who has enjoyed a sudden rise to fame after Murray tweeted a link to the track to his 1.5 million followers.

Meisner has performed the song on BBC Breakfast and to crowds at , and as a result has become reacquainted with Murray, with whom he played junior tennis in Scotland.

"He was being bombarded by press and folk wanting pictures [last night] but saw me sitting at the back and politely told them to wait two minutes and came over to me, shook hands and thanked me for the song. I spoke some rubbish for a bit and said something along the lines of 'well done' and we said we'd catch up sometime," Meisner told the Guardian. "He's a busy man and had a ball to go to."

The folk-flavoured single has since been made available on iTunes with 50% of proceeds going to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The Royal Marsden hospital treated Murray's friend, , who has had Hodgkin's lymphoma. Written to celebrate the "diamond of Dunblane", Under the Lights has been viewed more than 48,000 times on YouTube and features the chorus: "He's got a game as sharp as a dagger/He'll boom that backhand past you/He got a chess player's mind and boxer's feet/That's a combination that's tough to beat."

Meisner now coaches tennis in Aberdeen, but he reached No 89 in the world junior rankings in his teens and was awarded a wild card for Wimbledon's junior championship in 2004. It was while travelling and playing tennis that Meisner taught himself to play guitar, but his passion for music later become a handicap: four days before a tournament he sneaked off to Cardiff to see perform and missed a vital training session. As a result, his wild card was withdrawn.

Since then, Meisner has self-released his debut album, Drink Up While You're Here, which came out last year under the name The Exile of Elgin, but says he has enough songs for another album and hopes to have it recorded by end of the year. "At the moment I just play in bars around Aberdeen," says Meisner. "Music is my passion and I would obviously love to be signed and to get noticed."

Meisner says Murray is a fan of singer , and is also a huge boxing enthusiast: "My heroes, Dylan, and , have all written songs about boxers. I thought I could write one about a tennis player and link in some boxing references," he says "[but I'm] going to have to write a new verse after yesterday."